the Nymph Evelyn

In the Fifth Age during the second war with the Turanian Kings, the Solar Manu banished the Kings to Helas by using the Sword of Anwn. The Sword's Oculus magnified the light of the sun and it melted the snow on the mountains in a cataclysmic event that created The Sea of Glass. Into this sea fell Manu taking the sword with him.

A pure angel it is said, dropped from the heart of the sun into The Sea of Glass and became known as the Nymph Evelyn, guardian of the Sword that lost the stone.

In later legends she was called 'The Lady of the Lake' and she was the guardian of Excalibur, the Sword which comes out of the Stone...because in the Ages after Atlantis all things were reversed.


Like the Lady of the Lake, she will only give up the sword to its rightful owners - the First Rosicrucians.