Temple of The GrailL


Grail and Book


Temple of the Grail is a medieval whodunit with esoteric overtones seen from the view-point of one character, Christian de St Armand.


A Templar Squire, Christian accompanies his Master Andre, a Templar doctor and their Jewish friend Eisik in a delegation of the Inquisition headed by the infamous Inquisitor Rainerio Sacconi. He is sent by Rome to investigate a remote Monastery in he pyrenees accused of heresy. 


On their arrival Andre notices a rose cross outside the church, and that very night at supper a monk collapses in the middle of a warning to the delegation that the antichrist is roaming the abbey.

After an investigation of the body, Andre and the Monastery doctor Asa, conclude that the man was poisoned. Thereafter in fast succession monks are murdered in heinous ways and clues are left in Andre's room by way of notes pointing him in the direction of the next monk to be murdered.


​Andre and Christian, a medieval Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson, must race to find the killer before the inquisitor can burn innocent men. They realise that there are tunnels and chambers beneath the monastery and also a library in which they find many banned books and a dangerous heretical gospel, which was written by brother Marty in Fifth Gospel. 

During the inquisitorial trial three members of the monastery are sentenced to burn on the pyre, for heresy. Andre must solve the last clue in the sabbatical church in order to enter that part of the tunnels which holds the holy of holy. The inquisitor almost prevents it but escape his clutches because an avalanche hits the monastery. Christian and Andre are able to find their way into the tunnels again but here they come across the murderers. Another avalanche drives Christian and Andre finally to the underground chapel where there is a ritual being enacted.


It is the initiation of a young man by a circle of twelve priests. This youth was the child spirited away from Montsegur by Matteu in Fifth Gospel. He will reincarnate as Christian Rosencreutz in a coming life, and become the founder of the Rosicrucian Order known to history

Christian has a mystical experience in the tunnels and remembers who he is and his promise in Atlantia to vouchsafe the secret of immortality, he remembers who he was at the time of Christ when he was little John of Zebedee and he knows that what is found in the Gospel, which Andre has taken from the library is known by many names. He knows that he and his master are Rosicrucians and that they must vouchsafe the secret. 

As the monastery is being destroyed by another avalanche Christian and Andre escape by jumping into a water channel that leads through the mountain to a river outside the monastery. Christian saves Andre's life but the Gospel is destroyed.

The two must separate and go into hiding but not before Christian reminds his master of their promise.


Christian is taken to a Templar house in Famagusta where he will meet Jacques de Molay in the next season - The Seal. He will write down all he saw in the underground chapel.