Based on 6 books by Adriana Koulias

‘Some Adventures Last for Centuries’ or 

‘Would you die to protect the secret of eternal life?’

This series follows the reincarnation of a number of souls travelling through time in a weave of six interlocking narratives.


The series is not an Anthology Series but each season follows and grows from the one before it. It is like a cross between Cloud Atlas West World with a touch of Outlanders and a hint of Game of Thrones but it is based on History and Historical characters.


There are six distinct worlds, each a different historical period with a different cast of characters but they are the same individuals - seven men and women who  reincarnate in every world in different bodies.


The Promise:

At the core of the series lies in THE PROMISE - the Rosicrucians made a promise to protect the secret Sun Mysteries of the Tree of Life which encompasses the trinity of Life, Death and Immortality.

The good guys, are called Rosicrucians their Antagonists are called the dark brotherhoods known collectively as the Brothers of the Shadows who want to use the secret for their own ends.


Each reincarnation poses a new challenge for reincarnated characters. There is a crisis, they are thrown into the deep end and must remember their previous lives in order to know what they must do to keep the secret out of the hands of the Shadow Brothers.

The Secret takes on Seven forms: Sword, Stone, Grail, Seal, Book, Key and Rose Cross - each connected to one world.

At the end of each season the secret is safeguarded but ‘lost’ and we are given the clue that it will return in a different guise in the next season.

The trick for these reincarnated characters is to remember the promise and to figure what the secret is together, before the Brothers of the Shadows can find the secret.

Trigger for their memory:



Seek wisdom like a bee seeks its rose.


How will the audience know who is who?

Clues and red herrings create mystery around the identification of characters until the big reveal at the end of each season – which will be a complete surprise.


The central idea of the same characters reincarnated throughout history holds a lot of potential for an expanding Series with many seasons and multiple strands.

The project will have an international/global appeal and will have a sound historical basis, which is sought after these days in the television marketplace as evidenced by shows like Tudors, Vikings, Babylon Berlin – imagine all these rolled into one series with the same characters returning again and again…so that the audience will also have to work out, at the same time as the characters, who they are and what they are seeking.