The Oracles were Temples or holy places situated in various regions of Atlantis. There was one Manu for each of the seven planetary oracles and one oracle for each kingdom. The Oracle of the Sun took its abode in the kingdom leading an age. 

From these oracles was communicated all religion, science and art to its peoples.

Out of all the Oracles the Sun Oracle was the highest and most venerated and its Manu the most evolved. The Vulcan Oracle which stood beside it was the most dangerous and therefore the most hidden.

All seven Oracles protected one aspect of the sacred knowledge of the Tree of Life, a knowledge of the  forces of light, sound and life which had been removed from humanity before Lemuria and ‘The fall’. The betrayal of these mysteries would lead to terrible catastrophes.  But the most detrimental of all was the betrayal of the Vulcan secrets by one of its initiates in the Seventh Age.