King-dom was birthed in the third age, Turania, and came into its own in the Fourth age. There were seven kings who ruled each kingdom. The best of them was Themis, the King of Aryania. The other six kings fell to decadence and used their knowledge of the Tree of Life for achieving their selfish aims.

The most Evil King of the six Turanian kings was called the The Dark Faced Lord. He conjured terrible earthquakes which created ice mountains that when thawed caused devastating floods.

He and his shadow brothers were defeated by the Sun Manu of the fourth age on the Sea of Glass and were cast down through the nine layers of the Earth to a shadow or evil double of the Moon they called The Pit or the Eighth Sphere.

The Shadow kings were released from The Pit by the decadent Mongolians through a ritual using the Vulcan Mysteries. 

The Turanian Kings together with the decadent Mongols caused the final downfall of Atlantis. 

Since Atlantis, the Six decadent Kings reincarnate again and again seeking the memory of the Mysteries of the Tree of Life which they have lost and which are guarded by the reincarnating Rosicrucians.

The Dark Faced Lord's greatest adversary is Christian Rosencreutz, born from the lineage of Blacksmiths, or those who can work with the Vulcan Mysteries for good ends.