Gospel -

- a Novel



A Cathar Bishop, Bertrand Marty, has made a promise to a dying  friend and colleague that he will go to the fortress of Montsegur to 'Seek wisdom like a bee seeks its rose'.  His friend is a Rosicrucian  who is trying to help Marty to remember his promise but Marty doesn't. Instead he keeps a promise to look in the books held at the fortress of Montsegur for that part in the Book of Revelations where there is a woman standing on the Moon with the Sun in her belly and the stars crowning her head. 

When a Southern noble kills an inquisitor in a town nearby Pope Innocent with the help of the French King sends an army to destroy the Cathar heretics once and for all and to besiege the fortress of Montsegur. Marty is caught up in the siege.

One night, while consulting his books in the tower of the keep, Marty is visited by a woman, Lea. Lea tells him about a secret gospel and proceeds to recount it and he writes it down. 

This Gospel is the dangerous and heretical story of two Jesus children and on its pages is locked the secret of two Jesus children a tale, which can reconcile all religions or lead to terrible wars.

The Story begins with the Centurion Gaius Cassius Longinus a previous reincarnation of Marty. He has come to Bethlehem ahead of a company of legionaries to kill Jesus. But as the story unfolds we learn that there are two Jesus Children, one born at the time of Herod who escaped the slaughter in Bethlehem to go to Egypt, and another child who was born two years later, at the time of the census in a manger in Bethlehem.  

 children from different lineages grow up together in Nazareth and the two are integral in the 'becoming' of Jesus of Nazareth. 


The story goes on to tell of Jesus' wonderings in the lands and finally of the baptism when he unites with Christ. Much is seen from the ailing eyes of Gaius Cassius Longinus who is now Pontius Pilate's head Centurion, and Pontius Pilate's wife, Claudia Procula, who is incarnated later in France as Eva.  The two form an uneasy alliance in their desire to follow Jesus Christ.

All the Biblical characters have their parts in the story, which takes us to the Crucifixion. 

But there is a movement backwards and forwards in time between the siege of Montsegur and the story in Palestine and the two stories weave together a tapestry in which the fullness of Christianity is explored and Marty and Eva keep their promise to safeguard the secret for the future.

In the end, Marty realises who they are and the part they have to play in both lives. He gives his written account of Lea's tale, and a copy of the Book of Revelations held in the library to a Templar Troubadour called Matteu who takes this and a special Cathar child being kept at Montsegur out of the besieged fortress to a monastery in the Pyrenees.


On his way Matteu reads the Gospel and realises he was Joseph of Arimathea at the time of Christ. When he gets to the monastery he is told  he must take the Book of Revelations which he brought with him away, since it contains a dangerous key - a Sign of Satan. Matteau eventually hides this in the caves of Lombrives, where there is a Cathar community. 

We meet the child he took to the monastery again in Temple of the Grail, where he will be at the centre of the intrigue. He is destined to become the leader of the Rosicrucians - Christian Rosencreutz. 

The Book of Revelations hidden in the Cathar Cave becomes the subject of mystery in the Sixth Key.

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