It is 1254 and a remote monastery  is suspected of heresy. A Templar Knight and his Squire accompany a delegation of the Inquisition to uncover the truth but when monks are murdered one by one in heinous ways, the secret of the monastery must be uncovered before it is too late. 

When Acre in the Kingdom of Jerusalem falls, the Templar Order becomes divided with  enemies on all sides.  Etienne de Congost, the son of a heretic, a battle weary and loyal Templar Knight,  is made Keeper of the Royal Seal, and becomes a hunted man.

When Himmler wishes to give Hitler a  gift for his birthday he sends Otto Rahn, a Grail Historian and S.S Officer, to find a very rare Grimoire of Black Magic said to be in the South of France. What Himmler doesn't know is that Rahn is Jewish and what Otto Rahn doesn't know is that he is not the only one who is looking for the book.

A Cathar Bishop in the besieged fortress of Montsegur is visited by a woman in the tower of the Keep. Surrounded by the armies of the King of France she tells him a secret that will change his life forever.  It is the dangerous and heretical story of two Jesus children and how it is entwined with his destiny and the destiny of the world.

Editor's Cut: Previously unpublished chapters, maps and glossary.

Short Stories, Poems and Inspirational writings.

A Boxed Set of all four books in the series + Companion.